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Here are some fun brews that hit our shelves this week!

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Here are some of the fun new brews that hit our shelves this week!

Zero Gravity 


- a Czech-style Pilsner using Pilsner and Vienna Malts paired with Saaz, Kazbek, Perle hops.

Medusa Brewing 

"Bad Omen"

- a Belgian-style Pale Ale with Cherries and Raspberries.

East Regiment Beer Co.

 "Calacas Dorado"

- a crisp Mexican-style Lager.

Lamplighter Brewing Co. 


- a Mexican-style Amber Lager using Caramel Malt and Flaked Corn.

Lamplighter Brewing Co. 


- a Haitian-inspired Golden Ale with Ginger and Passionfruit, brewed in collaboration with Jean Appolon Expressions.

Lamplighter Brewing Co. 

"Dad Bod"

- a New England IPA brewed using Styrian Wolf, Sabro, and Motueka hops.

Vanished Valley Brewing Co. 

"Fruits of Labor"

- a rotating Fruited Kettle Sour series, with this installation featuring Raspberries.

Burlington Beer Co. 

"Blue Dream"

- a Double New England IPA with Blue Dream Terpenes.

Burlington Beer Co. 

"Peasant King"

- a Double New England IPA brewed with Simcoe and Idaho 7 hops.

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